I was a member of the rocket team since my sophomore year. We competed in the NASA student launch competition, where the goal was to launch a rocket a mile high and have a payload perform an experiment. I was the testing lead, and as a team we achieved the best altitude at competition. I was in charge of verifying each subsystem would function properly by designing and implementing tests, such as ejection charge tests to ensure recovery system would work, vacuum chamber tests to simulate change in altitude to test electronics.

For the 2016-2017 year, I was the president of the rocket team, I oversaw and helped with all designs, wrote various sections of the design reports, ran general body meetings, and ensured the team’s success. The payload was a camera that would have ejected at apogee, distinguish three 40 ft by 40 ft tarps, and land vertically on one of them. The initial design is shown below.

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